Hey everyone my name is Codi, and I am a Southern Californian native. A valley girl born and raised filled with high energy, positivity and smiles. I feel like as a teacher it is super important to have fun and be yourself. It has always been my belief that if I’m not having good time, that’s a sign that you aren’t either. I plan on making my classes challenging and entertaining, a place where you can be yourself and just have fun.
In the beginning I didn’t always want to be a yoga teacher, or even in the yoga community. To be honest I thought it was silly. When I was 12 my parents took me on a yoga retreat in Joshua Tree and I was miserable. It was way too hot, the people where way too happy to be exercising in the desert and all I could think while looking out on the sea of what looked like contortionists baking away in the suns rays was, this is ridiculous! I am gymnast! I work out in an air-conditioned gym and I can fly through the air and land on my feet (most of the time). It wasn’t until my second dislocated elbow that I decided to try yoga for real. I didn’t fall in love right away, that shit was a lot harder then I thought it would to be. It took time, amazing teachers, and a lot of help and surrendering to break down my walls. I didn’t want to let yoga in because I had identified myself as a gymnast for so long that identifying myself as anything else felt like cheating. I started yoga because I still wanted to go upside down with out hurting myself, and what I learned in the process was there is so much more to yoga then its poses. No wonder those people in the desert were so happy to stand on their heads in the sun. Yoga is a beautiful art and it teaches you things you never knew you didn’t know.
Even though I haven’t been teaching yoga for long I have been a teacher for as long as I’ve been old enough to work. When I was 16 started teaching at Fun and Fit Gymnastics, the same place where I trained. It was close to home and I love it there. This gymnastic school is unlike your typical gymnastic facility. We teach confidence to children, through creating successful experiences in a non-competitive environment. Fun and Fit gymnastics is truly an amazing place and has taught me a lot. However after teaching for 9 years and putting a toll on my voice, back, arms, and legs I was ready to move on. I was ready to try something not as comfortable. In January of 2012 I took my 200-hour teacher-training course at the amazing Yoga Blend in Burbank. I am proud to say it was probably the best thing I could have ever done.
I love yoga and I love that it helps heal the body. I feel like when given the right tools we can heal ourselves and I know yoga has helped me through my many years of gymnastics injuries. It has helped me grow physically, mentally and spiritually and I hope to help others the way my teachers have helped me.

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