Juicing Cleanse 2.0 Day 2

Happy Saturday!

Why is juicing beneficial?

Well… its in the juice that you find all the nutrients and if you don’t chew your food well enough, or have a poor digestive system chances are you are not absorbing enough nutrients from the vegetables your eating. Also how many vegetables can you eat in one sitting? Not as many as I can drink!

I like to think of my juicer like a loving and caring mama bird chewing up and feeding me a juicy and high quality meal. Filled with all the vitamins and minerals my body needs to strive and be the best, strongest person I can be.

Thank you mama bird, I don’t know what I would do without you!

juicingday2.0 Super Green Juice Recipe

1 whole Cucumber

1/2 a head of Romaine Lettuce

A Bunch of Cilantro

1 whole Lemon


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